Colombia – Pink Bourbon W

The pink bourbon variety is known to be a result of a natural mutation of the bourbons. Yet, there is uncertainty with this pink bourbon. It is believed to be an Ethiopian Heirloom planted in Colombia in the 90s', It’s being researched these days.
Huila is a renowned region known for its high-quality beans. Cultivating Pink Bourbon requires careful attention and expertise. Farmers need to selectively breed and maintain the plants.
The cultivation process involves meticulous care, including proper pruning, fertilization, and pest management, to ensure healthy and productive trees.

This is a highly aromatic yet delicate coffee, floral and vibrant, classic for alternative/manual brewing methods, and produces a rich, complex espresso with a pleasant acidity.
It pairs exceptionally well with milk. Suitable for all brewing methods.
  • Whole Beans / Grind:
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Process: WASHED
  • Producer: Edier Perdomo
  • Farm: Buena Vista
  • Region: Huila
  • Altitude: 1760
  • Sweetness:
  • Acidity:
  • Body: