El Salvador – La Borbonera N – Light Roast

The Borbonera are old Bourbon trees. They have been planted back in the days of Rodolfo’s great-grandfather.
Thanks to a special pruning technique, the trees continue to yield abundant fruit even at the age of 60 years, a remarkable fact, considering the average lifespan of a coffee tree is about 30 years.
While Rodolfo has been planting new and resilient varieties on the farm in recent years, he wants to preserve this particular lot, located at the highest point of the farm.

The coffee cherries goes through 48 hours anaerobic fermentation. This process enhances the natural sweetness and fruitiness of the cherries.
Following that, a dry process on raised African beds continues.

Borbonera results a complex cup, with a full, rich, and sweet body. Delicate aftertaste with hints of fermentation. Suitable for delicate alternative brews and espresso alike.
  • Whole Beans / Grind:
  • Variety: Borbonara
  • Process: Natural Anaerobic
  • Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti
  • Farm: El Salvador
  • Region: Ahuchapan
  • Altitude: 1550
  • Sweetness:
  • Acidity:
  • Body:
  • Bitterness: