Ethiopia – Heirloom N – light roast

Daniel Miju, the father of Daniel Alemayehu, had a significant influence on coffee cultivation in the Gedeb region, where he established the farm in 1961. His legacy is preserved by his sons, including Alemayehu.
Alemayehu is especially dedicated to preserving his father's name and legacy through meticulous cultivation and production. His approach emphasizes sustainability and quality.

The farm is located at a high altitude and naturally shaded by a canopy of indigenous trees, creating an ideal microclimate for growing coffee. At the farm, Alemayehu works with his entire family. His wife is responsible for preparing organic compost for the coffee trees. Each of his brothers received a plot, and they help and support each other, especially during the harvest season, when Alemayehu employs between 40-60 additional pickers to ensure a quick harvest at the optimal time when the cherries are ripe.

The cherries are washed and laid on raised African beds for 9-15 days. They are turned and rotated every few hours to ensure even drying and to prevent over-fermentation or mold.
His coffee is classified as heirloom. It has received international recognition and has participated in prestigious competitions and auctions. The high rewards he receives for the coffee allow him, he says, to invest in necessary equipment and machinery and generally to improve the living standards of his family and employees.

It is a balanced coffee, sweet with soft acidity, medium body, floral and peachy aftertaste.
  • Producer: Daniel Alemayehu
  • Farm: Alemayehu Farm
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process: NATURAL
  • Region: Yirgacheffe
  • Altitude: 2050 - 2150 M
  • Whole Beans / Grind:
  • Sweetness:
  • Acidity:
  • Body: