Tanzania – SL28 W – Light Roast

"SL-28 is a cross cultivar whose genetic parents are French Mission (a type of Bourbon) and Mokka (developed in Yemen). The SL-28 developed in Kenya in 1930s' and is known for its high sensory quality - considered one of the varieties with a wide fruitiness potential.

We have been working with Lunji farm since 2018. Paul Maier, who currently manages it, studied agriculture at the University in Berlin and returned to Tanzania in 2019. What he learned was implemented on the farm over the years. Various types of shade trees, nut trees, and more have been planted to improve biological diversity and enrich the soil. Experiments with new coffee varieties, such as the Ruiru, are also being conducted on the farm.

These light roasted bean fit all manual brewing methods.
  • Whole Beans / Grind:
  • Variety: SL 28
  • Process: WASHED
  • Producer: Paul Maier
  • Region: MBEYA
  • Altitude: 1570-1700 M
  • Sweetness:
  • Acidity:
  • Body: