Terms and Conditions


By using this web site you accept to abide by the following terms of service. Please read them before you use our web site.


For the​ operation of this site​ we might need to collect sensitive private information of the users of this page. This includes information needed to receive orders, conclude​ contracts, and arrange payments and to ship goods. All personal information provided to us is done so in a voluntary way and is not to be forwarded to third parties.
If we use third parties for services (like payment, advertisement, shipping or any other service related to the operation of this site​) than the terms, conditions, privacy policies et cetera of these parties apply too. Please check them accordingly. Information about the user may be forwarded to them to supply the user’​s requests.
We are not responsible for third parties privacy practices.


The​ content of this page was chosen carefully. However we do not take any responsibility and/or warranty for the correctness of the content.
On our page we link and forward to third party pages. It is impossible for us to check the legality and correctness of these pages on a regular basis. Therefore we do​ not take any responsibility for the content of these pages.
The specific copyright rules apply.
All content of this page is protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without our or its owner prior permission.
Any use of our trademark has to be approved specifically on a case to case basis by us. Any unwanted and unlitigated use does not establish any right of use.


By using this web site you accept to abide by the following terms and conditions.
Please read them before you use our web site.


The products we sell on this page are solely the products you can find in the online shop.
Products might be – even if you can find them in the online shop – out of order. We do not take responsibility for the availability of the products.
We always try to be as accurate as possible. That said we will not take any warranty for accuracy on this web site. This includes product descriptions or representations.
In the​ case of​ services provided by third parties, their terms and conditions apply and we are not responsible for these terms and conditions and their​ effects.
For privacy, copyrights and trademarks please refer to our terms of service.


By completing the order process in our online shop using the order protocol provided through our page a legal binding sales contract is formed. You can cancel this contract without any reason within 24 hours after completing​ the order. To cancel this contract you have to send an email with the details of your order (your personal details provided in the order, time of the order and goods ordered) to info@cafelix.co.il . If your order was – 24 hours after completing the order process – already handed to a third party for shipment you cannot cancel the contract.
In this case our return policy applies (see RETURN). If you (happen to forget) fail to cancel an order in the described way you are not allowed to​ cancel the payment.


Any order will have to be paid prior to its shipment using the payment methods provided by us.
Executed payments may not be canceled unless an order was canceled. In case you want to return an order or part of an order you are not allowed to cancel the payment but have to wait to be refunded by us.


Shipping is provided by a third party not by us. Our responsibility for the order ends with the handing over of the order to the third party shipping the order to you. This means that in effect the shipping company is working on your behalf and the risk of loss is in your sphere.


The following goods can not be returned: coffee beans, ground coffee beans. With the exception of defect coffee beans that are returned immediately (within 24 hours) after receiving them. If coffee beans are not returned immediately it is assumed that any defect is caused by you or by somebody in your sphere. Ground coffee beans cannot be returned.

You can return other purchased goods under the following conditions:

  • You must​ notify us by em​ ail (to following address: info@cafelix.co.il) that you intend to return a product within 48 hours after receiving the goods
  • The goods​ were not used
  • The goods​ are in the same condition as when they were handed to a third party for shipping
  • The goods must be returned​ within 7 days after receiving the goods

When you return an order you will not be able to get a refund for the shipping you paid to receive the order and you are responsible to deliver the products free of charge to us.
If the products are not delivered free of charge to us within 14 days after notifying us of your wish to return the​n any return or attempted return is considered illegitimate and the contract prevails. In this case you are not allowed to cancel or refund any payment provided by you.
The same applies if you return goods that do not qualify​ for return.