Cafelix established in order to supply locally roasted fresh and high quality coffee beans.

Our coffee selection is seasonal and is changing every several months. On our online webshop you will find our current offerings.

We don’t keep old roasted beans in our roastery, but always roast according to orders, to guarantee maximum freshness. The minimum order size is 5KG. You can choose which varieties to add, with a minimum of 1KG per variety.

multiple coffee bags

The coffee is delivered in bags but could be kept in fiber containers. If you cannot purchase a container, our default packaging is in our Cafelix bags. We prefer to avoid it for environmental reasons.

Order and payment are taking place a week in advance, since we roast these batches especially for you. We’ll gladly send you a wholesale price list and provide you with more details.

We are here for every question or consultancy order@cafelix.co.il