Do you ship outside of Israel?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not.

When do you roast your coffee? Am I getting fresh coffee beans?

Our coffee is usually roasted on Sundays and Mondays. For your orders, you get coffee that was roasted at the same week, but we suggest you to give it a few days to degas. You can see the roasting date at the back of the card.

How should I choose my coffee?

Best thing we recommend you to do is to take a few minutes to understand your flavor preferences. We offer a few different styles of coffees, from high acidity, to delicate or or rich and heavy. In our webshop you could find the levels of acidity, sweetness, bitterness and body for each coffee.
Also, we suggest you to take into consideration your brewing method at home. Espresso, filter, moka pot, immersion – each coffee will react differently to any of them. If you do not own a grinder, we can pre-grind it for you, but don’t forget to choose your desired grind size.

Do you have a kosher certificate?

We don’t have an official certificate, but Cafelix has always been closed on Saturdays and our pastries have a Tzohar kosher certificate.

What’s your delivery policy?

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Is it possible to change products/coffees?

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Is it possible to buy higher quantities of coffee for offices?

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We’re here for any question and advice

Contact us at: 03-6392687 | info@cafelix.co.il