Do you sell ground coffee?

Coffee loses its flavor and aroma within an hour after grinding.
Therefore we don’t sell ground coffee.

Payment method

We accept all credit cards through PayPal only.
In special cases, there is an option of Bank transfer.
Contact us at cafelix.office@gmail.com.

Shipment costs and time

The coffee for the online shop orders is roasted on Sunday\Monday. Orders we receive until Sunday 10 am will be considered. Shipment leave our roastery on Mondays\Thursday.
Deliveries takes usually 1 – 5 working days (Sun. – Thu).

Shipment costs

Door to door delivery: Tel Aviv – 40 NIS , Other – 40 NIS
Distanced locations such as Eilat, Arava, the territories – 50 NIS with Israeli post (registered)


Returns have to be send – on own expenses – back to us.
Coffee beans cannot be returned.

Is your coffee fair traded?

Our coffees are not certified as “Fair Trade”. Unfortunately Fair Trade does not give coffee farmers an incentive to produce high quality coffees. Too often it also makes farmers dependent on fair trade organizations.
Our coffee is either bought directly from producers or at the very least transparently traceable.
This way we don’t have big organizations or traders as a middleman and quality is directly being rewarded with fair payment.
We pay our farmers a lot more than they would receive from fair trade coffee organizations.
And for us a fair trade includes that we know that the producer we work with treats his workers and environment fair too.

Is your coffee organic?

Like with fair trade an organic coffee certificate does not mean a lot. It just means, that no chemicals are used. It does not tell you how the farmer treats his workers, or how he uses natural resources (f.exp. how he recycles waste water).
Even some of our coffees might be organic (with or without certification) we will not specifically declare so.

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